ian astbury The Cults Ian Astbury Teaming Up With Japenese Drone Metalists, Boris

By now you’ve snatched up tickets for Jack’s Fifth Show — and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for fool! — and the show day is quickly approaching, which means we get to wallow in all [lastfm]The Cult[/lastfm]’s musical glory so soon. Even better than the upcoming appearance from group is the news that The Cult’s leader, Ian Astbury, is helping out some heavy metal friends with some new material.

[lastfm]Ian Astbury[/lastfm] is used to giving a helping hand to some famous musical friends spanning various genres like dance, psychedelia and just classic, gritty rock like his collaboration with [lastfm]Slash[/lastfm]. He’s stepping outside the box once more to lend his help with the experimental Japanese drone metal three-piece, [lastfm]Boris[/lastfm] on their three-song EP BXI.

Never heard of drone metal? Think [lastfm]Metallica[/lastfm] meets [lastfm]Radiohead[/lastfm]…their music fuses heavy guitar solos, booming bass and crashing drums with plenty of reverb, monotonous vocals and zero expression while performing.  Complete with a double neck bass and songs with a penchant for doom, it’s quite the sight. 

Astbury and Boris were introduce five years ago by fellow drone metalists Sunn O))), but only recently got together to collaborate. “Late last year I got 10 pieces of music and it really blew me away,” Astbury told BBC 6 Music. “Working on a whole album would’ve taken a long time so we focused on three songs.”

And those three songs make up the release BXI, debuting in September, right around the time of Jack’s Fifth Show. Here’s what you can expect from the Japanese drone metalist, Boris:

[Source: Spinner]


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