bab0392 Huey Lewis and the News Wield Their Axe For New Album

Amongst youth, [lastfm]Huey Lewis and the News[/lastfm] is most infamous for being the musical muse of Patrick Bateman in Bret Easton Ellis‘ novel of 1980s gore and greed, American Psycho. But pre-Bateman, [lastfm]Huey Lewis[/lastfm] was known for his soul-centric vocals and his signature red jacket. Now [lastfm]Huey Lewis and the News[/lastfm] are out with their first album in over a decade; a project called Soulsville that recreates the sound that originally established their fame. Soulsville will feature bona fide soul straight from the heart of Memphis and consisting of fourteen straight-up Stax-era soul treasures like “Respect Yourself” and “Don’t Fight It.” Still sporting the cheeky dimples and coy grin, [lastfm]Huey Lewis[/lastfm] says that the band is “especially proud of the collection. There should be a number of surprises for everyone.”

Hopefully the only “axes” involved are of the guitar variety.

American Psycho kind of ruined “Hip To Be Square.” Now we always imagine Patrick Bateman dancing around in bloody raincoat and the actual video with close-ups of teeth makes it ever creepier.

Soulsville comes out November 2nd.

[Source: Music-News]

  1. vaderbot says:

    It’s funny that I was watching a re-run of an old Simpsons episode just last night and the topic had something to do with the hike up in the price and availability of drugs and medicine provided by drug corporations and there was a short cartoon by Huey Lewis and the News performing, “I need a new drug.” Hilarity ensued.

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