Courtney Love’s Twitter Tirade Pleading To Daughter Frances Bean

courtney love and frances bean Courtney Loves Twitter Tirade Pleading To Daughter Frances Bean

We love to hate the words that flow out of alt-rock queen, [lastfm]Courtney Love[/lastfm]’s mouth like uncontrollable verbal diarrhea. The woman is a walking quote machine offering her own brand of insightful idioms like “Cocaine is like really evil coffee” or “I like to behave in an extremely normal, wholesome manner for the most part in my daily life…”

She has captivated a generation with her maniacal image of a raging party animal and frantic rock star, but we often forget she’s also a mother — in some sense of the word. Although she lost custody of her daughter Frances Bean last year, now that her kin has turned 18 earlier this week, Love went off on a Twitter rampage to try to reconnect with her long-lost daughter.

After losing custody of Frances Bean last year to Kurt Cobain’s mother, Wendy, and sister, Kimberly, and also filing a restraining order against the singer, [lastfm]Courtney Love[/lastfm] used the only tool available to reach out to her daughter; Twitter. Posting a non-stop series of bitter and heart aching Tweets the day after her daughter’s 18th birthday, Love advised Frances to flee the guardianship of Cobain’s mother and come back into the scar-laced comfort of Love’s arms.

Below is the full, typo-ridden outburst from Love’s Twitter feed, plus a video montage she posted before her ramblings to remember the better times of her childhood. And all I got from my mom on my birthday was a lousy card…

that therapist told me you said you “were never talkiung to me ever again” i was hapless, i dont understand anything that amoral c–t tellsu

just go the page i love you chuck, happy 18th i got you something so bloody awesome, finally. i love you hard day for me

and you do know its not exactly a turn on to anyones kids what youve done and its all so fucking UN necseasssry i just assumed no kin ofmine

no kin of mine or of kurts who despised yoru grandmother, ( ask charles cross) with a vengeance would go “where the money is” shocked

beyond the obviopus heartache why are you trying to desperatly to ruin my life and reputation? what is it did you decide to be linda?

well i long for your kiss and your sweet head smell i long for you i ache for you, i die for you every day my heart breaks for you, sowrong

and youve taken away all motivation to do anything i couldnt give a f–k i go where im told go thru the motions why? i warned you theyd come

was that thearpist right? why do u want to ruin my personal life? they dont theres billions int his you were manipulated but why sellmeout?

youve done a dammed good job frances of destroying anything i could build that is positive, and i want to know why now that your of age.

for gods sake now that your of age run like hell they have to give you by law 30k a mionth no matter what not 15k seen your legal bills ?

why would you leave me and my life in tatters like this and get angrier and angrier to justify it, i feel you missing me and i miss you too

just come home,. it took a year but i got the sickest townhouse in the village, theres 4 floors, just come home, i pray to god snap out ofit

i love you little bean, but please stop this madness over so much more money than your little self can comprehend its taken years but

its finally in the right hands things happen for a reason, but you tore me apart from a great love and i dont know why you would do that .

your finally grown tell me why? gop tpo the page & tell me the hell why i deserve to kno if that psych is telling the truth & what they say

i love you but your 18 now do NOT allow any guardianship to continue whatsoever! theyll lie to you tell you it “has” to,. no it doesnt!

no lawyers free yourself now theyve built a tower of terror in the REAL word fbc if you dont want to talk to me? we wont talk, stoppaying$


she a little baby & sheltered to SOME degree, phony cop raids, seeing her mother cuffed for no reason other than i found out and theyGRABHER

i shouldve hooked up in some loveless marriage to a powerful hedgefund guy then youd be safe, im sorry i didnt. for your sake.i love you.

[Source: ONTD]


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  1. Megan says:

    What the hell?! I would have been heartbroken at that age if my mother expressed allegations like that towards me, but judging from previous twists in that relationship it seems like Frances has learned better in dealing with this monster. What a manipulative, slimy narcissist (it would violate patient confidentiality laws if the therapist indeed told her that). Run, Frances, run!

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