Christmas Come Early: Complete Series of Batman Beyond on DVD

batman beyond Christmas Come Early: Complete Series of Batman Beyond on DVD

I’m not kidding you when I say I effin’ love this show. For those of you that share my excitement for Batman Beyond, this news is going to really brighten up your day. And for the ones that have never seen an episode of Batman Beyond: Here is your chance to redeem yourself.

Warner Bros. Animation is compiling the episodes to release on a complete series DVD for the first time ever.This particular Batman series takes a fresh spin on the man behind the suit while still maintaining the characteristic action sequences and story plots chock-full of villains and crime solving. In Batman Beyond, Bruce Wayne is no longer the man in black, having aged a little too much to kick some serious tookus. Instead, a young (and attractive – I’m a girl, what do you expect?) punk named Terry McGinnis stumbles upon the suit while investigating his father’s mysterious death. What follows is 52 episodes of a good time.

The complete series will be released by Warner Home Video on November 23, 2010, and will come as a nine-disc limited edition DVD set. Downside? This box set is going to be sold for $99.98

And this is why I am glad Christmas exists (among other reasons, of course).

But when you think about what you will be getting for the price, you could easily rationalize it to your parents, girlfriend, Santa, or whoever you send your Christmas Wish List to:

  • 24-page, 8”x 12” collectible booklet with the inside perspective and artwork from the vaults especially compiled by DC Comics for this release.
  • Three new bonus features created specifically for the Batman Beyond: The Complete Series

TOMORROW KNIGHT: THE BATMAN REBORN: The “Batman Beyond” creative team gives you a peek into the         character of Terry McGinnis, and what made him worthy to become the new Caped Crusader.

GOTHAM: CITY OF THE FUTURE: A look at Gotham City, circa 2039, and how the team built a realistic vision of the near future while remaining true to the city they created in Batman: The Animated Series.

THE HIGH TECH HERO: Explore the technology behind the Bat-suit, its amazing powers and the real world science that inspired it.

  • DC 75th anniversary documentary, Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics.

This is a pretty huge win, I would say.

[Source: Live Journal]


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