katy perry2 Katy Perry Wants To Be Katy Hendrix?

[lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm]’s mother, Mary Hudson, briefly dated iconic guitarist [lastfm]Jimi Hendrix[/lastfm].

[pullquote quote=”Mom, you shouldn’t have been such a prude with him.’ I would have been a Hendrix!” credit=”Katy Perry on her mom briefly dating Jimi Hendrix”]

Katy playfully teases her mother, wondering how her life would have been as a Hendrix.

Sometimes I say to her, ‘Mom, you shouldn’t have been such a prude with him.’ I would have been a Hendrix!

She continues to say that both her parents :

…had a wild life, then they found God and felt like they needed to have a personal change, and that’s how they decided to raise me. And I’ve turned out all right in the end, beyond the bikini girls and the whipped cream t*ts, and all that sort of stuff.

Maybe she would have had some real musical talent if Jimi Hendrix had been her father.  For now, we’ll have to settle on her gimmicks of whip cream boobies and terrible pop songs.  The boobs make it sort of ok though, right?

[Source: Music-News]

  1. Kale says:

    Na her fake boobs doesn’t make it right, they are offset by the mug of hers. I can’t believe she’s 25! She looks more like 40, maybe Hendrix would have given her better genes to age well. Ok that was harsh but I can’t stand self centered attention hogs.
    Also it doesn’t make sense, if her biological parents didn’t conceive her she wouldn’t exist period, it would be a different person. If her mom and hendrix had a child it would be a different person who looks nothing like Katy. Katy is white as Coke when she doesn’t have her bronzer on, scrawny lips and a spindle nose. Just be logical it is by chance that a sperm and an egg makes a particular offspring, if you change the sperm or the egg a different offspring will be born, it’s a random chance.

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