Weezer Names New Album After Clothing Company/ “Lost” Character? What?

rivershurley 1 Weezer Names New Album After Clothing Company/ Lost Character? What?

In other pointless news, the ongoing debate rages over whether [lastfm]Weezer[/lastfm] named their soon to be released album, Hurley, after the whale-like character from the hit TV series “Lost” or  after a trendy So-Cal surf clothing company.

What do you think? The debate continues after the jump.

While they were thinking about leaving the album untitled, Weezer’s already had three preceding albums that went untitled and they knew that  if it went untitled, it would still be known as “the Hurley album,” so they emblazoned the cover with the face of Jorge Garcia, the actor who payed Hurley on “Lost.” Logically it would make sense then that the album was named after Garcia’s character, but many still believe that the nike-owned clothing brand, Hurley, is the true origin of the album name.

Weezer guitarist Brian Bell explained, “We actually did some sort of advertisement — I don’t even know how they’re tied in so much, although — we got some clothes, and we did a photo shoot where we’re wearing these clothes, and I think we’re selling these clothes in malls.” The clothing company, which now has t-shirts brandishing the Weezer logo (pictured below) is obviously reaping the benefits of the album name, no matter who it was named after.

weezer Weezer Names New Album After Clothing Company/ Lost Character? What?

We may never know why the album is named Hurley, but it’s probably safe to say that they should’ve just named their album after another color.

Source: [Rolling Stone]


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