Don Henley Wants Stricter Copyright Laws

cbsdonhenley Don Henley Wants Stricter Copyright Laws

[lastfm]Don Henley[/lastfm] just won a settlement against failed California senate candidate Chuck DeVore for unauthorized use of Henley’s song “The Boys of Summer” in a YouTube campaign ad. But the ex-Eagle isn’t worried just about politicians using his music.

“The U.S. Copyright Office clearly has not been a strong enough advocate for copyright owners, particularly when you look at its most recent decisions,” he said after the DeVore case.

Henley has particular issue with the “Safe Harbor” provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which make it so that sites like YouTube are not liable for hosting copyrighted material. According to Henley, this is akin to not punishing a CD store that carries bootlegged discs.

“Just as distributors and retailers have equal liability under the law for distributing and/or selling bootleg or infringing music, films, software, and other intellectual property, so should online companies bear similar liability at law,” he said.

Is Henley stuck in the past? Should sites like YouTube have to do its own policing for copyright infringement, rather than the record labels or rightsholders themselves?

And most importantly, when will there be peace between cats and washing machines?

[Source: Rolling Stone]


One Comment

  1. ann says:

    Is Henley STILL whining. This is so sophomoric. I think the man thinks too highly of himself.

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