keitel Holy Smoke: Harvey Keitel To Replace Steve Carell In The Office?

Will Bad Lieutenant star Harvey Keitel become the boss-man in “The Office”Steve Carell, who plays the goofy and borderline crazy boss Michael Scott will be leaving the show in the upcoming season, leaving an opening for his replacement.

We all know Harvey is a versatile actor; hell, he’s even played Satan in “Little Nicky.”  But can he do comedy?  Yes, according to Paul Lieberstein, the executive producer of “The Office.”  Hear what Lieberstein has to say about Harvey and read on for the list of potential replacements…

“[Harvey Keitel]’s probably the only guy who can do it,” Paul Lieberstein told E!Online’s Kristin Santos on Thursday. “I haven’t started any talks with his people, but Harvey would do a great job — a very different energy,” he said.

The Reservoir Dogs actor has recently been doing TV work and starred in the canceled ABC show, “Life on Mars,” in which Keitel brought out his funny side.  After seeing the show, Lieberstein said, “I saw him in ‘Life on Mars’ and I saw a lot more comedy in his work.”

The thought of Harvey Keitel taking over Dunder Mifflin could be brilliant move for the Emmy award-winning series.  Harvey could easily be the no-nonsense guy to Dwight’s antics, spark rivalry with Jim, and will probably tell Pam that she looks like his daughter.  Having another goofy boss like Carell thrown into the mix would be probably hurt the series and won’t be taken too seriously by fans.

Since Carell announced he was leaving the show, actors names have been floating around to replace Michael Scott.  These actors include Rhys Darby, Murray from “Flight of the Conchords,” and Danny McBride from “Eastbound and Down.”  Portia de Rossi and David Cross of “Arrested Development” fame are also rumored to take the coveted role.

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[Source: NY Daily News]


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