picnik collage111 Best TV Themes from the 1980s
We surely were blessed with some AWESOME TV Themes in the 1980’s but which one rules em all? Well, check out Dr. Cranfill’s Top 10 and vote for your favorite…

So here is my Top 10 in no particular order. Listen, then vote at the bottom for your favorite.

1) Perfect Strangers- I will probably get some heat for including this one in the Top 10 but honestly, this may be the cheesiest intro ever and that is quite an accomplishment for a show from the 80’s.

2) Cheers- Was there a bigger show in the 80’s than Cheers? The piano intro remains super legendary.

3) Dallas- Oh the Ewing family. I can’t remember, who shot Jr.? Was it Jack Ruby?

4) M*A*S*H- MASH may not have had the BEST theme song of the 80’s but MASH’s finale was one of the most watched programs in TV history.

5) A-Team- You know this HAD to be in here right? We will forget the movie remake as we nostalge here..

6) Dukes of Hazzard- Bo and Luke Duke, Daisy Dukes shorts, a racing orange Dodger Charger, and Merle Haggard, what else do you really need?

7) Miami Vice- Is it just me, or does this theme song make you wanna clear out your checking account, buy a bunch of pastel themed clothing and a couple 8-balls? Probably just me.

8) Night Court- For real. Who doesn’t like a saxophone solo?

9) Magnum PI– Even as a kid I remember watching this show and thinking, man, I bet Tom Selleck is a total slut. Also, I found out today that in Tom Sellecks will he is leaving his mustache to the Smithsonian. True story.

10) Growing Pains- At first I thought including the Perfect Strangers theme into this top 10 would be the most controversial, but it’s probably going to be Growing Pains. But damn’t, this is my favorite TV Theme of all time and since I am the one writing this thing, Growing Pains is what you get. Go do your own blog if you got a problem with it.


Comments (2)
  1. Matt says:

    You guys really messed up not putting CHiPs on here! You suck!

  2. Lisa says:

    Matt~ that is so true!!! I LOVED that show!

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