Pink Floyds’ Albums are Absent from iTunes

Pink Floyd Records are being pulled from over an EMI dispute

Due to an ongoing dispute with EMI, fans of 60’s psychedelic rockers [lastfm]Pink Floyd[/lastfm] are still wondering why part of the band’s discography is devoid of internet presence. While individual tracks were available for a limited time, Amazon and iTunes have pulled the latter half of the band’s collection from digital download. Is it only a matter of time before this entire musical treasury is engulfed by a digital eclipse?

If you were to press play on the JACKFM ghetto blaster, here’s what CD you’ll hear:

[lastfm]The Outfield [/lastfm]- Your Love > [lastfm]AC/DC [/lastfm]- Highway to Hell > [lastfm]The Beatles [/lastfm]- A Day in the Life > [lastfm]Hall & Oates[/lastfm] – Rich Girl… and the mix goes on.

Today’s music listeners are more inclined to shuffle their music than listen to an album all the way through. Purists find this style of listening deplorable; a younger generation of iPod users destroying the concept album notion and stressing the importance of singles over sides. The argument used to be “Side A” vs. “Side B”. Now the debate has become “Gordon’s Funky Playlist” vs. “Becky’s 7-Month Anniversary Mix”

Pink Floyd has long stood up against their music label, refusing the idea of selling singles. While their last negotiation happened in 1999, the band reopened the court case last March and forbade EMI from selling individual tracks from their albums.

This idea of selling “the hits” as opposed to the “the bundle” should entice the remaining members of the band. By the time the band reached the end of the of the 70’s, Pink Floyd was very close to filing for bankruptcy. Founding member Roger Waters credits the mishap by, “being greedy and trying to protect it.” While the close call with poverty was nothing short of a poor investment decision over royalties, the band remains adamant over their distribution decision.

What do you think?

[Source: O’NTD]


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