Kings of Leon release new single, Radioactive

A new trend in popular music is slowly surfacing. The hooks of hip-hop-yesterday are being drowned out with walls of sound, an old technique pioneered by Phillip Spector with the late [lastfm]Beatles [/lastfm]albums. These sonic waves trigger neural weightlessness and make us feel as if we’re enveloped in a canopy of cool. Many bands have tried to reclaim this “gaze through the haze” orchestration, some more successfully than others. One band has been able to harness popular music by its tail, creating musical storms with their ability to weave sonic drones through their catchy bubble-gum tornados. That band is [lastfm]Kings of Leon[/lastfm].

Kings of Leon‘s newest track, Radioactive, is already posted on their website, and it is good. Along with the music video stream, they announce the release of their next album is expected on October 18, 2010, along with a UK tour in December.

If Radioactive becomes another hit, it could join past number ones from the band (include Sex on Fire, Use Somebody, and Notion– each one a summer anthem for folks everywhere). But rockers from generations past don’t need to shun this new music; some say they find their sound nostaglic and familiar, as if hearing an old band for the first time all over again.

The band has been releasing albums since 2003 and their newest, “Come Around Sundown”, will mark their fifth. Check out the brand new music video below, and tell us what you think about it.

[Source: nme]

  1. Fretrix2SQ says:

    INCORRECT info: “…walls of sound, an old technique pioneered by Phillip Spector with the late Beatles albums.” NOT so: Phil Spector pioneered the ‘wall of sound’ technique PREVIOUS to his MINIMUM work with the Beatles, which was primarily the Paul McCartney song “The Long and Winding Road”, which Paul was not thrilled about!

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