Ron Artest Stopped by Police for Driving Race Car

Ron Artest Stopped By Cop in Racecar

We can see it now…

“Um, Mr. Artest. Do you realize you are driving a teeny-tiny racecar?”

“Yes – I – Do. VRrrrooooom!”

police car siren courage Ron Artest Stopped by Police for Driving Race Car

TMZ penned the photo on Monday when a Man of the Law flicked on his sirens as he noticed a car- much smaller than all of the other cars– driving down the L.A. roads. A local passerby who was lucky enough to see the incident unfold said, “Ron — who was smiling throughout the entire incident — was eventually sent on his way … but sources tell us cops were ‘very happy’ he was wearing a helmet.”

A helmet. Well, he must be smarter than we thought.

The best part of all is that the car, a custom-made Eagle Roadster, was not even his own. The car is not registered under Ron’s name, but rather a no-name John Doe in Tennessee! Tennessee? What could Ron Artest be doing in Tennessee?

We here at JACK have the inside scoop. Ron, we’re with ya. If The Lakers don’t work out, we’ll be there cheering you on in theĀ Indy 500.

[Source: TMZ]


One Comment

  1. LoCnEsS says:

    That is funny ass shit, I wish I was driving one down the street right now whooping on all these wanna be street cars ha!

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