Michael Jackson with monkey, Bubbles

Behold, The King of Pop. There is no denying that [lastfm]Michael Jackson [/lastfm]changed Pop Music for the better, chaining together beats unheard of with dance grooves deep enough to shake a nunnery. As his life ended too shortly, there are still many unanswered questions we may or may not get resolved.

[lastfm]Paul McCartney [/lastfm]said it best: “Everybody’s got something to hide… except for me and my monkey.”

Who better does that apply to than Michael Jackson. Bubbles, the now 26-year-old chimpanzee accompanied MJ throughout the greater half of his career. Now, a UK TV station is setting out to give the people the full scoop when it comes to the man and his monkey.

What secrets will be uncovered? Was there a scandal amidst this monkey business?

Unlikely. Michael Jackson, in his weaning years as a tabloid staple, became more reliant on the ape, blurring the gap between inter-species dependency. MJ’s sister La Toya over Michael confiding in Bubbles on numerous occasions, asking questions like, “Who is my friend? Are you here because I’m this big? Are you here because you like my personality?”

Michael went out of his way to accommodate Bubbles to a more human lifestyle. Bringing Bubbles to dinner, dressing in matching outfits, these were all considered social norms in the Jackson home. At one point in his career, Michael challenged doctors to give Bubbles vocal chords.

To many, this behavior looks like the acts of a crazy person, but to Jackson’s family it is nothing short of hospitable brilliance. La Toya remembers Michael caring for Bubbles like a brother, “which was the sweetest politest thing you could possibly imagine… [animals] love you for who you are.”

[Source: mn]


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