Motley Crue comes out and tells the tale of their stank

Back in the day when Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, and Mick Mars ruled the airwaves, their libido ruled their actions. No surprise there, expect for the fact that when they were confronted with a BIG STINKY PROBLEM, they picked the dumbest way possible to cover their “tracks”.

Hustler initiated an interview with Neil. We’d love to post it verbatim, but we need to censor it just a bit…

“…we were always kaboinkin’ other chicks at the studio and backstage… We would take Tommy Lee’s van to a restaurant called Noggles to buy these egg burritos and then rub them on our crotches to cover the smell of the girls we had just kaboinked. So our weewahs smelled of eggs… We would tell our girlfriends, ‘Oh, we dropped the burritos in our laps.’ The girlfriends thought we were a bunch of clumsy slobs. We never thought about going into the restroom and just washing our weewahs.”

What a waste of a perfectly good burrito! And these women couldn’t tell? We’re not sure what’s worse…

As if you already shiver at the idea of eating ever again, here is a video of a fat guy singing to his burrito.

[Source: O’NTD]”


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