news cocktail 2244421 Six of Seven: Specialty Drinks for Jack’s Fifth Show

Only two more days until Jack’s Fifth Show… All we have to do is get through today… Thursday… uhnn….

Here at the office, Thursday is close enough to Friday to be considered the weekend. While we’d usually tell you to wait until Saturday to drink our creative cocktails, today’s is too good to pass up. Why not unwind tonight with our [lastfm]The Cult[/lastfm] inspired beverage. Who knows, one too many of these and you may just wake up on Saturday!

We here at Jack know that one good drink deserves another, so we have decided to share our library of libations with you, good alcoholic reader. However, this isn’t any ordinary bartender’s guide – this is your JACK’S FIFTH SHOW BARTENDER’S GUIDE.

Remember: this may be your Daddy’s Rock-n-Roll, but these are your Crazy Uncle’s cocktails!

Cult Kool-Aid Party Punch kool aid man glass Six of Seven: Specialty Drinks for Jack’s Fifth Show


Mixing instructions:

Fill a large cooler with Vodka, Orange soda, and Kool Aid mix (make sure it is the kind of Kool Aid mix with no sugar added). Pour a small amount of sugar into the mixture and stir. Ladle into your glass (or plastic cup)

[Source: Webtender]


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