JACK’s 5th Show: The ‘Sweet’ Opener

the sweet performs at jacks 5th show JACKs 5th Show:  The Sweet Opener

It’s mid-afternoon and the sun is beating down hard, overbaking the exposed midriffs of ripened groupies and shirtless backs of rugged 80s metal heads just beginning to filter into their seats at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater for the kickoff to Jack’s 5th Show with the 70s glam rock revival of [lastfm]The Sweet[/lastfm]!

The current lead singer Joe Retta best summed up what kind of night Jack attendees can look forward to by exclaiming, “You’re in for a big day and night!” as the group attacked a classic rock set of their unforgettable hits that officially kicked Jack’s 5th into “Action.”

Everybody got a piece of The Sweet’s action as the first band to take the stage rocking the heavy guitar solos and piercing octave ranges of their vast catalogue of hits including “Action,” “Hellraiser,” “Love is Like Oxygen,” “Fox on the Run” and the song everyone was waiting for, “Ballroom Blitz.”

Epitomizing the spirit of 70s glam rock, members of the [lastfm]Sweet[/lastfm] were dressed head to toe in tight spandex, flashy shirts and the odd wardrobe choice of a red cape worn by bassist/founder of the current Sweet, Steve Priest. The songs sounded just as good as they did back in the day, minus the fact of a different lead singer and father time taking a toll on the members. Nothing says rock ‘n’ roll like seeing the bassist sitting down for a breather mid-song and getting winded through the chorus of “Blitz.” I blame all those years of binge drinking and out-of-control rockstar lifestyle finally catching up with them.

Even though their jamming threshold wasn’t as high as their 70s prime, the [lastfm]Sweet[/lastfm] still managed to get the crowd out of their seats and sing along to all their familiar hits as they raise their first of many drinks to a perfect beginning to an extensive night of music and nostalgia.

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One Comment

  1. VixenPunk says:

    Great write up, Sweet was the main band I was there to see, and they sounded great being minus Brain, Mick and Andy…but Steve still showed up in his glam style(was secretly wishing he had his Hitler prody costume), and I even got a few smiles in my direction. I really felt bad that thy were having to perform in the blistering heat, as I can attest to having a very red backside!
    Th songs were spot on and they even did the extended version of Love is like Oxygen…was hoping for a little longer set to include Block Buster, Teenage Rampage, and California Nights, which would have been an awesome added extra.
    Forever one of the greatest bands in my mind…..SWEET! xxx

    1. VixenPunk says:

      Oopps that should read parody costume. 🙂

  2. BoudicaBitch says:

    Oh and btw, the lead singer isn’t the only new member. Steve Priest is the founding member of the ORIGINAL Sweet, not just this current version, and is the only surviving member of the original band (Andy Scott, who tours under the name in Europe, was the third guitar player the group had, albeit the one who played on all the hits). You shouldn’t be allowed to write articles about things about which you’re so clearly ignorant.

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