Super Harvest Moon Tonight at 06:49PM

Super Harvest Moon returns tonight after 20 years

Los Angeles, get ready! Tonight is the first time in 20 years where the Northern Hemisphere is treated to a Harvest Moon– but not just any old run-of-the-mill Harvest Moon. This is a Super Harvest Moon, a phenomenon that creates a 360-degree show of spectacular twilight.

Today is a special day. September 22 marks the autumnal equinox. Here at JACK, we celebrate this occasion like everyone else. We party during the day for a certain number of hours, than we party at night for the exact same number of hours. How else are you supposed to enjoy an equinox? Until you come up with a better solution, we’re sticking to equal amounts of Colt 45 and [lastfm]Bruce Springsteen[/lastfm].

In addition to the one day of the year when the night and day are of equal length, we are treated to a dramatic display of dazzling daylight while the Full Moon hangs in our atmosphere like a lustrous champagne bulb. Happening simultaneously, the Sun will begin to set as the Moon begins to rise, reflecting the light and illuminating the sky.

The best part of all is that you don’t have to prepare any special scope device to enjoy this natural wonder. All you need is a pair of eyes and a window. Better yet, head outside for this one. Grab a blanket, grab some grub, sit down with a couple of your closest friends and bask under the Sun-Moon glow for just a couple of minutes. In fact, play Dark Side of the Moon while you watch it. Who knows! It may just sync up!

The Super Harvest Moon will happen tonight at sundown, approximately at 06:49PM.

[Surreptitiously stolen from Gizmodo]


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