The Bets 2011 Segway Hall of Fame Ever

We tell ya, there is nothing dumber than paying a gaggle of DJs to do your dirty work. We thought it would be really funny to compile a “Best of Stupid DJ Moments” for you here on the website. Unfortunately, when we did a Google search for “DJ Hall of Shame“, 93.1 JACK FM flooded the homepage! Whadaya know? So instead we decided to do a post about the only other thing nearly as absurd as DJs – Segways. Maybe that will teach you not to post slander behind out backs, Clint.

Editor’s Note: This post was generated with no knowledge of Jimi Heselden’s fatal accident that occured over the weekend. Jimi Heselden was the inventor of the Segway and met his untimely end while trying out a new model. Please read the whole story here.

You may think we’re being awful harsh on the Segway. As soon as we learn to ride one, maybe we’ll change our mind.

  • Gymnast rides the Segway, inverted-style
  • First the Smart car, now this?
  • It’s a chimp, it’s a Segway, it’s a sitcom just waiting to happen!

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