The majestic Rock and Roll Hall of Fame preps itself for 2011 

Listen up, Rock fans. The gods atop Mt. Olympus stormed the doors of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Through the molten rock and lightning geysers, they somehow managed to forge an envelope readable to the human eye. This envelope, reproduced of dragon tears, siren cries, and unicorn horn, contained the list of nominees for the 2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction.

And now we pass this record unto you. Use it wisely, because one of our interns already mistook it for toilet paper.

Among this years musicians are Alice Cooper, the Beastie Boys, Neil Diamond, the J. Geils Band, and Donna Summer, just to name a few.

The process is fairly simple. Now that there has been a list of nominees generated, votes will be cast by rock hall voters (500 of them!) and previous inductees. The winners are announced in December, and on March 14th the winners are inducted into The Hall. While that is all us “regular people” know about the process, we’re sure the hazing of these nominees is nothing to joke about. Man, can you imagine Alice Cooper, LL Cool J, and Bon Jovi forced to submit themselves to The Paddle?

The full list of this year’s nominees are:

[lastfm]Alice Cooper[/lastfm]

[lastfm]Beastie Boys[/lastfm]

[lastfm]Bon Jovi[/lastfm]


[lastfm]Neil Diamond[/lastfm]


[lastfm]Dr. John[/lastfm]

[lastfm]J. Geils Band[/lastfm]

[lastfm]LL Cool J[/lastfm]

[lastfm]Darlene Love[/lastfm]

[lastfm]Laura Nyro[/lastfm]

[lastfm]Donna Summer[/lastfm]

[lastfm]Joe Tex[/lastfm]

[lastfm]Tom Waits[/lastfm]

[lastfm]Chuck Willis[/lastfm]

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One Comment

  1. Robert says:

    Where is Rush on the list – isn’t time that one of the great true Rock Bands gets inducted. They should have gotten the pick many years ago. I mean look at some of the bands and people inducted.

    I wonder why they are looked over every year? Any fans out there or people that want to check out Rush’s music?

  2. shanghaisensation says:

    ahem to that Robert … Why isn’t Rush in the RnR Hall of Fame?!

    Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart are all individual best in case musicians … put them together and you have the ultimate power trio. Which modern band has more success and staying power than Rush?! 30+ years!

    How many Gold and Platinum albums to they have?

    Something is not right here ….

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