investment3 Dr. Cranfills NFL Picks Week 4
The greatest sport in the history of mankind, NFL football is in full effect. We enter Week 4 with Dr. Cranfill on a cold streak. Does he REALLY have the vision or is he just a pseudo-Swami? It’s put up or shut up this week. Check out Dr. Cranfill’s NFL picks of the week…

I sit at an abysmal 5-6 on picking games this year. At this point, you probably shouldnt even listen to me. But then again, if people still listen to Rush Limbaugh, Tyra Banks and Al Sharpton maybe there is a chance people will still heed my words…

picnik collage15 Dr. Cranfills NFL Picks Week 4
Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts (-7½)
The Jaguars are pussies. More specifically, Panthera Onca Pussaloticas. It’s science people. You can’t argue with science unless you are one of those people that seem to think the earth is only 6,000 years old and man used to put saddles on dinosaurs and ride them. Scarily enough, these people exist. And even more scary is Peyton Manning throwing against that crap-tastic Jacksonville secondary. Take the Colts.

picnik collage16 Dr. Cranfills NFL Picks Week 4
New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins
The Patriots are a 1 point favorite for this AFC East Monday Night Football matchup. Just so you know. I cannot freakin’ stand anything Boston related. If the city of Boston were on fire like Chicago was in 1871, I would rent a helicopter to fly me over the  city so I could pee on the smoldering remains of that town. That’s how deep my hatred runs….but then again the Dolphins haven’t been worth squat since Ray Finkle went wide right in Super Bowl XVII. That taint remains to this day so as much as it grieves me to say this, take the PATS to cover.

picnik collage14 Dr. Cranfills NFL Picks Week 4
San Diego Chargers vs Arizona Cardinals (+8)
If the Chargers were a bunch of pre-teen altar boys I bet the Cardinals would be excited to play with them. Ba-dump-psshhhh…Yep. I went there. See cause in the Catholic church Cardinals are…nevermind. The Chargers may suck at the beginning of the year EVERY YEAR, but they aren’t going to suck with the Cardinals. Ok, I’ll stop now. Take the Chargers.

picnik collage17 Dr. Cranfills NFL Picks Week 4
Oakland Raiders vs Houston Texans (-3½)
Well, here we are again. About to lose against the spread on ANOTHER Raiders game. The Texans are coming off their first loss of the season while the Raiders are coming off a heartbreaker last week where their kicker missed the game winning kick with :04 to go. That’s kinda what you get when you employ a Polish place kicker Raider nation. Take the Texans. Or the Raiders. Doesn’t matter. Either way I’ll be wrong.

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  1. Evilevie says:

    It’s not all bad.. You can predict getting them all wrong!! I can use that in vegas!

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