Sting announces tantric sex routines he shared with his wife

Is that what “Roxanne” is really about? We had no idea!

Earlier this month, [lastfm]Sting [/lastfm]was giving an interview to Bob Geldof. The interview was accompanied by (many) drinks. Apparently Sting likes to stay loose when talking about himself. After a couple of lagers, Bob asked Sting to talk about his love life with his wife, Trudie Styler. While we’re sure he thought his answers were perfectly appropriate at the time, Sting’s wife was shocked when she heard his public response.

We really don’t see the problem here, but Trudie grew more and more annoyed as Sting continued to refer back to his revelation that he and his wife participated in marathon sex sessions. Not only did they participate, but they enjoyed it too. So what seems to be the problem here? Aren’t couples supposed to embrace their love-making as opposed to keeping it bottled up like some message cast upon the sea?

After she caught the interview, Sting’s wife said:

“I think they were actually getting blotto. Sting and I have been doing yoga for so many years and I think what he was saying was that there is a lot of intimacy missed out by people having sex. But I think the lagers were being downed. The next thing I knew he was embellishing and he’d said I did Tantric shopping and that I’d go shopping for give hours and then not buy anything. I told him that wasn’t funny- ‘Just stick to your original story and leave me out of it.'”

Looks like someone is gonna be in the doghouse tonight… Rooooxxxaaannnnneeee

Well, maybe he could try this as an apology

 [9 months later, MusicNews gave birth to this story]

  1. A.G. says:

    for your info…this interview (sting & Bob Geldorf) is 18 years old and was published in Q magazine 18 years ago. So it is not exactly recent.

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