FINALLY. They Are Making Jet Packs

    jetpack FINALLY. They Are Making Jet Packs
No lie. 100% true. A company in New Zealand is developing JET PACKS for commercial sale. Screw the kids and their stupid college fund and orthodontic work. We’re soooo buying one of these…read more..

According to a published news report at, Martin Aircraft Company out of New Zealand has developed a commercial jet pack they plan to sell to the general public.

S’cuse me for a second while I scream…….HOLY SON OF A BITCH SANTA IS REAL!!!

Sorry bout that. Now about these jet packs…

Currently Martin Aircraft Company is fulfilling an order for 500 jetpacks to be used by emergency services, as well as four unnamed defense companies. As of right now, the company’s focus is to produce jetpacks specifically for governmental purchase, but they are seeking funding to build at least one new factory with the purpose of producing jetpacks for the average (extremely rich) customer.Extremely rich? Oh damn-it-all-to New Jersey. Well, that counts me out unless Elizabeth Taylor is looking for husband #11 or whatever she is up to these days. Is she even still alive? Sorry. Back to the jet packs…Here is what the prototype looks like..

jetpack1 FINALLY. They Are Making Jet Packs

The jetpack operates the way you would imagine it. You strap it on, you fly. The principals aren’t all that difficult to comprehend. That might be a little bit of an oversimplification, and possibly a touch insulting to the extremely bright and dedicated engineers that have spent years working on the project, but really, how much convincing do you need that a jetpack is a good thing? You put it on, and suddenly you can fly. Everything else is details.

I want. I want. I want. Can I haz jetpack? For real. CBS. I have a deal for you. Instead of paying me the $8.19 an hour I currently make under our agreed upon pay structure, what say you buy me a jetpack and I promise to…I dunno, fly a banner behind me promoting whatever atrocity you guys are pushing on your TV network when I am not busy cruising the Swiss Alps.

Seriously people. We are like super, super close to actually being able to buy JETPACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn’t I could kiss a stranger right in the open mouth right now.

Read the full story here at


One Comment

  1. Glen says:

    What about swimming like a Dolphin? Check this out

  2. Force says:

    Looks curiously like the one the Mythbusters built…

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