investment1 Dr. Cranfills NFL Odds and Investment Strategies Week 5
If you were to have followed Dr. Cranfill’s instructions last week, a $100 wager would’ve netted you 500 bucks. True story. What does Dr. Cranfill’s crystal balls for see for Week 5 in the NFL? Only one way to find out…

Yep. Last week I went 3-1 and if you would’ve done a 3 card parlay with the Chargers, Texans and Patriots, 100 dollars would have brought back 5 hundy. Let’s see if I can repeat this week…

picnik collage181 Dr. Cranfills NFL Odds and Investment Strategies Week 5
Chicago Bears vs Carolina Panthers (+3)
A largely herbivorous mammal known for being the defacto stuffed animal of choice for children the world over. Also known for uttering the non-sensical term “Wakka Wakka” and for riding mopeds in Vietnam.

Panthers: Apex predator of the Felidae genus. Also known as cougars. Known to inhabit North American mountain ranges and hotel bars. Famous Panthers include Huey P. Newton, Mario Van Peebles and Demi Moore.

When compared, this looks like an easy Panthers win. Especially when considering the Bears starting QB won’t be playing Sunday.

picnik collage191 Dr. Cranfills NFL Odds and Investment Strategies Week 5
Jacksonville Jaguars vs Buffalo Bills (PK)
Pick ’em? Are you serious Vegas? Have you even SEEN the Bills play this year? Sasha Grey doesn’t even suck as much as the Bills do. And that’s saying something. Factor in that the Bills have the leagues worst run defense and the Jags have Maurice Jones Drew and you get a pretty easy answer here. Jags.

picnik collage21 Dr. Cranfills NFL Odds and Investment Strategies Week 5
New York Jets vs Minnesota Vikings (+4)
All the eyes in the football world will be on this game come Monday night. Brett Favre plays his old team. Randy Moss re-debuts with his original team. This is what Monday Night Football is supposed to be. Jets are tough at home but Vikings do their best work, raping and pillaging, on the road. Let’s gamble here, take the Vikes money line.

picnik collage204 Dr. Cranfills NFL Odds and Investment Strategies Week 5
Oakland Raiders vs San Diego Chargers (-6)
Which leaves us with the Raiders/Chargers game. I seriously hate picking Raiders game. If it were only as easy as playing spot the adams apple in West Hollywood. My brain wants me to take the Chargers here especially since Darren McFadden is probably out for the Raiders but my gut is saying take the Raiders to cover. Brains vs Guts. Who do you believe? When in doubt, I usually trust this guy.


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