Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter Reunited!

Now that Team Coco is in the final stretch of television anxiety, Conan fans the world over are indulging over the gracious amount of Conan-centric television ads, internet videos, and awkward dance moves. But a little piece of information just slipped through the cracks that makes Conan’s return to TV on November 8 that much sweeter – Andy Richter is returning!

Andy Richter has been Conan O’Brien‘s sidekick all the way back from the show’s inception. With the show first airing back in 1993, Andy quickly became a staple to Conan’s quick wit, interjecting one-liners and sight-gags aplenty. In fact, the show grew so popular, Andy found himself getting offers from Hollywood to headline his own show. Like any artist, the deals sounded appealing as he discovered the possibilities of leading roles. In 2000, Richter left Conan. His departure from the show lasted nine years.

In 2009 when Conan took over hosting duties for The Tonight Show, Conan graciously asked Richter to once again join him as his loyal sidekick. Richter accepted, and it became apparent that the two could fall back into a repertoire no matter how much time passed.

While Conan’s stint as The Tonight Show host only lasted part of a season, Richter and Conan did not part ways. Conan and his fellow writers hit the road with a national tour and Richter oversaw as the emcee. Their comedy grew stronger.

Now with TBS giving Conan a show back, fans are curious as to how the show will play out. Is it a talk show? Will it be something else? With the recent announcement that Max Weinberg will no longer be part of the Conan production, worries that Richter would bow out soon followed.

But we have nothing to worry. Team Coco can be proud to know that the old comedy duo will be getting back together. Now if only November 8 would come around already… all this orange hair spray is going to waste.

[Article cancelled on EW and re-aired on our station]


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