Extra! Extra! Extra-terrestrial Table Top Creates Weird Techno Noises!

Face it, robots. We are nothing but hard drives living in a digital age where yearbooks are replaced by Facebooks and boob tubes are replaced by YouTubes. Around us, everyday utilities are being converted to ones and zeros. What ever happened to the physical world? Is it too stimulating? Will computer screens be the only medium in which we view the world? Where do we draw the line drawn before technology converts us completely? Is there still hope for a collaboration of our perceived reality and our projected reality?

Man, we hope so. While technology is the culprit of our weekly nightmares, there are still a few things that prove our yearning for learning can end up creating some pretty fantastic inventions. Most impressive are the instruments of the future. Check out the new wave of synthesizer/lego/table combinations: The Reactable!

Get it? React + Table = Reactable. Off to a clever start!

This glowing ring of intimidation is only more complicated the further you delve. The Reactable is an electronic musical instrument with a tabletop Tangible User Interface. You put a block on it, it makes a noise; you move the block, it changes the noise; you put a block in another blocks way, it plays Daft Punk‘s “One More Time”.

How can people learn to control this instrument? We watched two minutes of these demos and we can’t get over the fact that it glows! Can you imagine if they were able to mass produce these?

Yikes. Who knows who might get their hands on one of these futuristic gizmos. These Reactables looks so odd and sound so discombobulated, we wouldn’t be surprised if Bjork got her hands on one…

Wait, she already did? Are you kidding?!

Comments (7)
  1. jeff says:

    lol, this thing is very cool…

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