With the holidays right around the corner, airline tickets are being snatched up faster than… um… something really fast! According to an inside source, their phone lines are almost as active as the JACK FM hotline, except their callers are usually sober. Of all the different airlines to pick and choose from, how can you use land the right one for your flight home? After all, Fluffy knows when you fly coach. And nobody wants to piss off a Chinese Crested.

It seems that Virgin Airlines is up to some crazy s#!t in order to get consumers to fly on their futuristic planes. Seriously, their campaign video looks like it belongs on MTV’s TRL, lol duh. Virgin, just what are you up to?

To start things off, Virgin has introduced their newest attraction, Red. This in-flight entertainment system allows those pesky flyers to control their entire flight experience without leaving their seat. Everything from what they want to watch to what they want to listen to; there is even an integrated touchscreen ordering system for food and drink.

It only seemed like a matter of time before something like this was going to infiltrate our planes, and we have no problem with that. After all, ordering a Whiskey and some airplane pins without having to leave our seats sounds like a pretty solid idea. But what about our stewardesses flight attendants? Are they being replaced by less sexy robots??

Nope! They’re still there, scantily clad and full of robust, cheeky kindness. Watch the video below and see just how Virgin airlines combines the sleek sophistication of computer technology with the sleek sophistication of women in tight uniforms.

[Written during a layover in Gawker]

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