[Video] Best Terrible And/Or Funny Police Phone Calls Of All Time

Here’s a quiz. Don’t worry – its multiple choice.

It’s OK to call the police when:

A)   A rapist tried to take your kids and your wife.

B)   Someone broke into your car and took all of your CCR tapes.

C)   That college party going on next door is too damn loud (and they didn’t invite you so you’re all mad and stuff)

D)   Mom is out-of-town so Dad made dinner but Dad’s casserole is really gross.

Any guesses?

It seems that people are abusing that prestigious 9-1-1 telephone number.

Here’s the latest. At first, the cops thought it was a prank phone call, but this kid was absolutely serious. He called the police and claimed that while his Daddy’s dinner was edible, it was not what he wanted to eat! Really? What was it kid, steamed veggies? Green stuff? Turkey burgers?

The young 10-year-old boy couldn’t even tell the police what food was served. It was just “gross”. The police took time to explain when it is appropriate to call the police.

The police must get some weird phone calls. Here are some of the weirder ones we’ve come across.

  • Policeman calls his police station because he thinks he overdosed on confiscated Pot Brownies
  • Woman calls to complain about how The Burger King gets her order all mussed up!
  • Woman really needs a date, finds cute cop, calls 911 to ask for his phone number. Nice!
  • This man… well, who knows what this man really needs. He doesn’t even know what he needs. Maybe you can figure it out.

[Source: Daily Herald]


One Comment

  1. LeCarey Mitchell says:

    I have to commend the 911 operator on her tact and patience. The operators here in Fresno are as rude as that caller.

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