Remember your first puppy? We do. Years ago we had a scruffy, little terrier living around our dumpy little building. At first we didn’t know what to do with him, so eventually we adopted him and he became one of the family. We named him Bone Jovi and he was the best puppy around! He would do tricks, he would fetch, he would bring us the newspaper, and even filled in as our Programming Director for a couple of months.

But as with all puppies, the golden age of innocence faded away. Slowly Bone Jovi began to age and become more decrepid. Our kitchen food was not to his liking, he grew accustomed to pooping on the sound boards, and he even once snuck a Celine Dion track during a 5:00 hour. Bone Jovi was sent to the kennel where he finished off his last doggie years. He is sorely missed, but we knew once a good dog goes rogue, he needs to be rehabilitated.

It seems that Edwin Fry of Oklahoma doesn’t exactly follow our train of thought… and when someone with half-a-brain hatches a half-baked plan, you know it’s gonna end up on JACK FM.

Fry, 73 years old, was put behind bars after a failed attempt to spring his prized pooch from the town kennel.

Why was the dog there in the first place? Fry didn’t want to pay the $100 fine for not having his poodle, Buddy Tough, on a leash. Rather he attempted to drive his lawnmower to the city pound and break into the cage with a set of bolt cutters.

And he succeeded! Together, man and best friend fled the scene of the crime atop the riding lawnmower. We can see it now – a flash of smoke and green fleeing at 12-mph. Awesome!

But the ride was cut short. Police apprehended the pair almost immediately. Too bad. We were really rootin’ for them.

After the situation was clear, police took Fry to jail where he spent several days. He now faces a municipal charge of – wait for it – allowing an animal to run at-large. Boom!

Fry went to court and did not deny the charges. After all, he had warned the police to “stay away from his dog unless they wanted to face his shotgun.”

Isn’t that weird? It’s almost the same plot as Air Bud. Wacky!

[Source: AP]

Comments (3)
  1. vaderbot says:

    Great story of man’s best friend.

  2. jeff says:

    You forgot to mention they euthanized the dog while he sat in jail.

  3. Blondie says:

    I’m trying to see some happiness in this tragic tale….with a name like Buddy Tough – got to hand it to that dog and his master! It’s like a story out of the wild West. Neither deserved the fates delivered by the unjust “justice” carried out by the morons who can’t think with any sense!

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