This morning, one of television’s biggest stars checked himself into rehab after a nasty episode in a hotel room. Furniture was thrown, booze was involved, and a hooker may or may not have been present. Usually when news like this comes up, we half expect it to be Charlie Sheen. Well this time… we were right.

It may have been dark outside the Plaza Hotel in New York City when the authorities arrived, but Charlie Sheen was lit up like a Christmas Tree. Around 2:00 AM, an unidentifiable woman inside the Eloise Suit pleaded with the police to come and take care of Charlie Sheen – he was frantically tearing apart the suite in hopes to find his cell phone and wallet.

The man’s only been out of rehab for two months. Surely he was sober?

The superstar was visiting NYC with his family. Accompanied by ex-wife Denise Richards and their two children, the gang took a tour of the Big Apple, attending Broadway and other tourist while and enjoying each others company. As nice as all that may have been during the day, Sheen and Richards were not retiring to the same room once the sun set over the horizon.

Sheen has had a past of notorious behavior and it seemed to all come to a head last night. When the police arrived early this morning, they discovered Sheen naked and incoherent. Sheen claimed he had been “out partying”

Probably not the best thing to admit. He was only a week away from completing probation.

After being hospitalized this morning, Sheen’s publicist came out and stated his actions were caused by an allergic reaction to medication. Either way, no arrest was made. Sheen voluntarily went to the hospital and is now undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

Here’s a psychiatric evaluation: Sheen, pull yourself together – you’re incomplete. Something is missing from your life and you gotta figure it out soon. Right now, we’re gonna change Two and a Half Men to That One Show With The Half Man Who’s Really A Teenager Now, A Boring Annoying Guy Who Likes To Complain, And That Crazy King Of The Snortskies Who Films His Scenes From A Rehabilitation Center.

Hey, that’s got a nice ring to it!

[Source: NY Post]

Comments (2)
  1. vaderbot says:

    Charlie is and effin rock star!

  2. jeff says:

    charlie sheen is cool, one of my favorites, way cooler than emilio, hey what ever happened to emilio?

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