Why Is This Man Up To His Arm In Toilet Water?

Help! My arm is stuck! Somebody, quick! Call 9-1-1!

No, you can’t use my cell phone! I dropped it down here and I’m trying to get it back! Somebody please heeeelllllpppppp!!

Seriously, dude? Seriously?

Last Tuesday, a Chinese man dropped his cell phone down the crapper and tried his best to get it back out. He didn’t use a plunger, he didn’t use a stick… hell, he didn’t even use a glove!

Rolling up his sleeves, the man decided it was time to reach down there and retract his mobile. Only it didn’t turn out exactly how he had hoped. Within minutes, his arm was submerged and stuck. A porcelain prison.

We hope he had a chance to flush.

When workers arrived on the scene they found a man on the floor, crouching over the toilet with panic in his eyes. If those same workers come to our Christmas party, they get to see Dr. Cranfill doing the same thing – the only difference will be the copious amounts of bourbon.

After ten minutes, shards of broken porcelain and hammered pipes littered the scene. The man was able to retrieve his arm with minors cuts and bruises. While the cell phone was water-logged and destroyed, nothing compared to the shattered ego this man will have to endear for years to come.

Hey, no worries friend. There’s always room here at JACK FM for ya! In fact, if you are interested we have an opening right now for a writer! We have a pen for you, it’s just located at the bottom of this bowl… yeah, reach down there and grab it… deeper…. deeper…


[Flushed twice, but still came back up from Yahoo]


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