One step forward, two steps back…  for just when our elation is peaked, the Hamburgler comes in and steals away our happiness. Did you hear?? In with the McRib! Out with the Happy Meal! What kind of cruel prank is this??

In case you aren’t sure what we’re talking about, San Francisco has achieved the unbelievable. In a city full of health-conscious so-and-sos, ‘Friscans on the Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance in which meals that include toys with their purchase are required to meet nutritional guidelines.


So, let’s get our facts straight.

This legislation disallows children’s meals to reward excesses of calories and sodium with prizes. Not a bad idea, let’s be honest.

Remember your first time getting a happy meal? Did you have any more fun playing with that Hot Wheels car while scarfing down six nuggets and a chocolate shake? Or maybe you had a dripping cheeseburger and a sugary cola while talking to your miniature Beanie Baby?

We say, let San Francisco try it out. They will be the first major city to combat childhood obesity.

But they tread a line; hopefully the debate doesn’t stray from the obesity argument to the “You done make my kid cry!” argument. After all, if McDonald’s changes their Happy Meal and tweaks their formula, they could easily market a new, healthier meal package complete with plastic figurine:

  • Calories: Less than 600
  • Sodium: Less than 640 milligram.
  • Fat: Less than 35 percent of calories from fat; Less than 10 percent from saturated fat (with exception for nuts, seeds, eggs or low-fat cheese).
  • Fruits & Vegetables: At least half a cup of fruit or three-quarters of a cup of vegetables

Go for it! We wouldn’t mind our kids attacking their fruit cup with a cute gun-weilding penguin. Would you?

[Hamburgler’d from The Huffington Post]


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