OK, OK. Some of you out there don’t seem to believe that the missile launch was our doing. OH REALLY? Well if you don’t believe us, that’s your own damn fault. In fact, if you don’t believe us we won’t tell you all about these vast 25,000-light-year-tall structures straddling our galaxy.

These “bubbles” may be invisible to us, but NASA is known to discover the impossible. For example, using a gamma-ray detecting space telescope called “Fermi”, they were able to see these massive balloons wobbling about.

We’ll let NASA take over from here. Astronomer Doug Finkbeiner says:

“What we see are two gamma-ray-emitting bubbles that extend 25,000 light-years north and south of the galactic center. We don’t fully understand their nature or origin.”

Don’t understand?! Why not! You guys are supposed to be super geniuses or something! At least let us in on your theories…

“One possibility includes a particle jet from the supermassive black hole at the galactic center. In many other galaxies, astronomers see fast particle jets powered by matter falling toward a central black hole. While there is no evidence the Milky Way’s black hole has such a jet today, it may have in the past. The bubbles also may have formed as a result of gas outflows from a burst of star formation, perhaps the one that produced many massive star clusters in the Milky Way’s center several million years ago.

“In other galaxies, we see that starbursts can drive enormous gas outflows. Whatever the energy source behind these huge bubbles may be, it is connected to many deep questions in astrophysics.”

Could these bubbles be the cause and aftermath of a Big Bang? Hopefully they figure it out soon. The temptation to pop those bubbles is outrageous.

[Source: NASA]


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