Police made the mistake from a two year old movie set

by Jordy Altman

The smoke roses like a chimney as the firemen stared up into the flame.

“Jesus, this looks bad,” said the Fire Chief. “Better call back-up.”

The next day, the police arrived to run a subsequent investigation. Upon arrival, Police Chief JR Blyth stumbled into a most suspicious room.

Hmmmm. Smells like murder,” he thought.

He opened the door to room 666. He let out a scream. He dropped his gun. What looked back at him was the “the most grisly murder scene in 35 years in law enforcement“.

Of course, it would have been the most grisly murder scene in 35 years in law enforcement if it were real – but it was the remnants of a movie set. UH OH! Somebody got punked! Where is that Ashton Kutcher?

That’s gotta be a shock. The scene wasn’t of an actual murder at all, but rather a leftover set from New Terminal Hotel, a horror movie starring the late Corey Haim from two years ago.

Why on earth was a bloody movie set still untouched after two years? Well, the hotel owner left it out of the kindness of his heart. He was worried the movie may need to do reshoots, so he left the pools of imitation blood, smashed liquor bottles, and even a fake piece of scalp (yeowch).

So there you have it. Our pilot for JACK FM’s newest show, CSI: Whoops. Every week another murder scene turns out to be a leftover set from an unknown horror film. Be sure to catch it!

[Source: NME.com]


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