Back To The Future… The Video Game!

Finally, as a video game

by Jordy Altman

Usually when a movie turns itself into a video game, it’s a shameless ploy for the studio to make more money. It’s even more a task for a trilogy to make the leap from screen to console. After all, the sheer amount of successful trilogies is fairly slim. The argument between the two best trilogies consists of Star Wars VS. Back To The Future.

While we all love a good Chewbacca now and then, Back To The Future holds on to our hearts like the smile of a thousand singing Huey Lewises.

When we heard there was going to be a version of it, we were skeptical… but once we saw the trailer, we were all ready to don our life preservers and cowboy hats.

When you watch the trailer, you won’t believe your ears. Is that Michael J. Fox doing a voice-over?

Actually, it’s not. But how could you tell?! It’s an actor named A.J. Locascioman, yet gets Fox’s voice so dead-on, we’re half expecting a Doc Hollywood video game to appear on shelves within months.

The game will be split up into a series of five, giving the player the chance to download each new “level” as if it were another episode in the Back To The Future TV show.

While the plot of the game is being withheld until it’s release later this month, there are enough goodies spread across the trailer to make any fanboy explode with glee. Flux capacitor? Check. Cowboys? Check. The Power Of Love? CHECK CHECK AND CHECK.

For a full look at the video game trailer, visit this Game Trailers link.

[Source: Gizmodo]


One Comment

  1. Ben says:

    This is the best idea ever. I wish they had it for the XBOX 360 though. Looks like I have to go buy a PS3 now. Thanks for the update Jordy!

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