Oregon native changes name to Captain Awesome

And he does so, legally.

So, we’re sorry if you’ve been trying to track down Douglas Allen Smith Jr. on Facebook, you were WAY off. You’re going to have to track down the Oregon native by his new legal moniker, Captain Awesome.

We’re kind of at a loss for words. Douglas went to court, got the papers signed, swore to a judge, and left Awesome. On the one hand, that’s pretty damn fantastic. Hi! My first name is Captain! My last name is Awesome! And my middle name is Yippy Skippy Scrappity Doo!

On the other hand, that’s pretty damn foolish. After all, the Captain formally known as Smith has been an out of work cabinet installer for quite some time. We’re not sure if a company would be more inclined to hire someone whom they must refer to as “Mr. Awesome” on a daily basis.

And what do his friend’s think? When Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner made his name transition to Sting, do you think he was met with ridicule from his friends? Come on Gordo, we’re not going to call you Sting. Stop with the shenanigans!

Better yet, what would a woman say upon meeting such a man? Would you believe him? What about behind closed doors? Would screaming “that’s GREAT!” be the equivalent of saying someone else’s name in bed?

As if changing his name wasn’t enough, Awesome took it one step further and changed his signature. He changed it to a right-pointing arrow, a smiley face and a left-pointing arrow. While the state DMV accepted the scribble, his bank refused. Says Awesome, “They said it was too easily forgeable.”

The man, his name, and the story is a slice of American history that text books will most likely leave out. Too bad – we were just about to change our name to AWESOME FM, but looks like someone beat us to the punch. Maybe we could be Captain Awesome’s arch-nemisis, Captain Yuramoron.

[Source: Register Guard]

  1. Gina Champagne says:

    Lol!:) JACK IS AWSOME, no doubt about that one!:)

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