Now the Red Light District will be more expensive

Everybody does it!

When a young man turns of age, he has one thought in mind – EUROPE. Oh my, the sights! The food! The ladies!

However, we live in a time of financial strife. As Americans, every day we hear┬áthat we’re in the midst of a crippling recession, struggling to find new ways to dig our way out of debt. How could any young man ever afford that sort of road trip?

What we forget sometimes is that America isn’t the only country with financial woes. In fact, our good friends over in Germany are facing a deficit nearing 100 million Euros (or around 133 million US dollars). We bet there are little German boys wishing they could afford a trip to Las Vegas.

Just how do European countries discover new ways to boost their economy? Well, in Dortmund, they decided to add a new tax – The Pleasure Tax.

It doesn’t take much for a young, hormone-charged male to “accidentally” find his way stumbling into the Red Light District of Berlin. The seediness crawling in and out of the nearby nooks only adds to the mystery and delight of a sexual excursion. At least that’s how the men perceive it.

The prostitutes themselves, ehhh not so much.

With a new “pleasure tax” required, prostitutes lining the Red Light District much now purchase a day ticket for each day of work.

The ticket itself costs 6 Euros. Without it, the ladies of the night could face crippling fines. With this new mandate, the city can see the tax bringing in near 750,000 Euros each year. Wow.

Were there any other ways the city could have scrounged up the cash? According to city spokesman Michael Meinders:

“Dortmund has financial problems like many cities in Germany. We considered several sex taxes but this was the most practical proposal.”

So what do ya say, Rachel? Want to a be prostitute in Germany? It’s easy! Get that day ticket! Then we can all sing it, loud and proud….

She’s got a ticket to riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide

[Source: Yahoo!]


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