New Yogi the Bear Movie Takes Dark, Dark Turn

yogi New Yogi the Bear Movie Takes Dark, Dark Turn
As you may have noticed, the new Yogi Bear (in 3-D no less), movie hits theatres this Friday, Dec. 17th. What I wasn’t aware of was the extremely dark and twisted direction they were taking this film…here, have a look

I mean wow. Really Boo Boo? You sold out your mentor and father figure for $5,000 bucks? I always knew you were a prick but that’s downright dastardly.

This parody, as you probably saw when you watched the video, was created by artist Edmund Earle and in no way is connected┬áto the┬áreal Yogi Bear franchise, Hannah Barbara or Warner Bros pictures….


One Comment

  1. Gina Champagne says:

    I can’t believe BooBoo killed his long time friend over money. That is so wrong, no life is worth killing/murdering for money. Money is the rout of all evils!

  2. Festival films/movies says:

    The film was definitely worth watching. Sort of reminds me of an Old Boy remake. But going as far as saying it’s going to get some kind of Oscar nod is crazy. No way. I don’t understand why it’s getting so much buzz.

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