hulka Worst Song in the History of Ever
We all know Hulk Hogan as the most famous pro-wrestler of all time. We also know that he has a weird thing for women that look like his daughter but what most of us DON’T know is that Terry Bollea, AKA Hulk Hogan, is also the proud singer of what could possibly be, the WORST SONG IN THE HISTORY OF EVER…

Yes. I am quite aware of the work of Celine Dion, Kenny G, Millie Jackson, Lee Greenwood and Nickelback respectively. But nothing they EVER did, can compare to the Mt. Everest sized amount of suck that the Hulkster applied on Hulkster in Heaven.

Before we get to the actual song, here’s a small piece of backstory on Hulkster in Heaven.

SOURCE: Wikipedia (C’mon, I don’t have time to do REAL research)

According to Hogan, “Hulkster in Heaven” was written in 1992 in honor of a Make-A-Wish Kid whom Hogan had invited to sit ringside at a show in the UK. When Hulk went out to wrestle, he saw that the seat was empty. Later, he was informed that the child had died before the match had begun. The lyric “Guess there’ll be an empty seat when I wrestle at Wembley,” was direct result of the situation. Proceeds from the album went to help the young boy’s family, who was having trouble paying the medical bills

Now I know some of you are thinking…… “Man Cranfill. You are a total Richard right now. Calling out the Hulk for trying to do something nice for a dying kid well over a DECADE AGO?

Well. You’d be right. I am kind of a douchebaguette but something tells me you might be joining me after laying thine ears upon this auditory abomination….Enjoy.


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