Is Ozzy Working On New Episodes Of The Osbournes?

Ozzy wrecks his car

by Jordy Altman

Remember a time when we could turn on a television and, rather than be overrun with thousands of psuedo-famous families trying to seize our attention with stupid stunts, there were only The Osbournes?

Those simple Osbournes, the first TV family we woefully chose to follow. The Osbournes were a different kind of classy we don’t see on cable these days. No slap fights, no hair pulling. Lots of drugs. Lots of dogs. Lots of mumbles, and of course, “HEYYYY SHARRNNNN.”

When The Osbournes left, we hoped the reality family would leave too, but they didn’t. Now they make up for 99% of the television on today – we can’t flip through without images of Kardashians or Snookis burned into our eyeballs. Secretly, we all wished it…

It seems as though Ozzy may be collecting material for another season of The Osbournes.

If you remember, Ozzy had his driver’s license taken away due to… er, extended circumstances.

Well, after years of being stuck in the passenger seat, Ozzy went ahead and got himself a new driver’s license after years of not getting behind the wheel. To celebrate, he went out and bought himself a brand new Ferrari. With only twenty miles on it, Ozzy managed to crash into the back of another car, coincidentally driven by a lawyer. Needless to say, Ozzy wasn’t driving the car home.

Now that’s bad luck Ozzy. He was so shaken up from the fact, Ozzy’s wife Sharon went on The Talk and explained that Ozzy felt so bad he doesn’t want to get into a car for a long time. It’s those damn nerves.

Speaking of nerves, did you know that it took Ozzy 19 tries to get his license? During one attempt, his anxiety was so intrusive he asked his doctor for some tranquilizers. unfortunately, that idea backfired and Ozzy fell asleep during the test. When he woke up, there was a note on the board, reading:

Unfortunately, Mr. Osbourne has not passed the exam and would suggest that he never again try to drive this car.

We cannot wait to see this episode air! Oh please, Osbourne family, bring us back our favorite TV family!

[Source: Music-News]


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