New York would-be suicide attempt ends up in garbage

by Jordy Altman

We’ve all seen photos of the massive snowstorm that hit New York in weeks past. Some were calling it “Snowpacolypse”; an uncontrollable force that left many citizens stranded. Those who were brave enough to embrace the flurries were met with hillocks of powder, enveloping the City That Never Sleeps in tranquil passivity.

Some of the stories that came out of “Snowpacolypse” were downright unbelievable. With some people, winter weather brings on bouts of depression. A man, at the end of his rope, tried to take matters into his own hands by jumping off of a 9-story building. The streets of New York had a different idea for him.

Suicide in no laughing matter. Yet, a failed attempt can sometimes bring a new state of mind. Here’s the story of Vangelis Kapatos. A man saved by garbage.

With the overwhelming effects of a stable and fixed powder adhearing itself to the city, sanitation workers were unable to collect trash after December 26. While most of the residents of NYC were finding this irritable, one man found these ignored trash bags as a lifesaver.

Monday morning, Kapatos climbed to the ninth-floor of his building and took a giant leap off. His fall was cushioned as he landed in a heap of uncollected garbage. Kapatos was rushed to the hospital, but is now in stable condition.

The Department of Sanitation has only started resuming their trash collecting today. There is an estimated 77,000 tons of trash scattered throughout the city since the beginning of “Snowpacolypse.” Most are still complaining, but Kapatos’ aunt is saying otherwise.

“Everybody is complaining that the trash hasn’t been picked up. But me, I’m thankful that it was never picked up.”

[Source: Yahoo]


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