replaced by hay!

by Jordy Altman

Happy New Year?

Everybody can agree that the holidays can be insufferable. So much family and food it could make your head explode, but there is always that one glimmer of hope. That one morsel of sobriety that keeps your psyche in check and your clenched fist at your side – the reminder that this annoyance is only temporary.

All the inappropriate comments your uncle makes, all the incredibly racist stories your grandma still likes to tell… you know deep in your mind that you only need to suffer for a short moment in time. Once it’s all done and gone, you still have your home awaiting your return.

What happens when your home is gone when you return? For this Pittsburgh man, it wasn’t a nightmare – it was reality.

Can you believe that? Just terrible. At least he has… hay? Hey! Maybe you could build a fort! That will hold ya (until the Big Bad Wolf comes by and blows it down… but what are the changes of that happening!)

[Source: CBS News]


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