Naples New Years Bullets Hospital

by Jordy Altman

We guess they do it a little different in Naples.

Regardless, this story is just too much. We’ve read it over, and over, and over again, but we still can’t believe that this can actually happen. IS THE HUMAN SPECIES EVOLVING INTO DEATH-DEFYING MUTANTS??

Meet Darco Sangermano, a 28-year-old Italian man, who likes to spend his New Years Eve partying and celebrating. 2010 proved to be a special New Years, for Darco decided to spend his evening in Naples.

For those who don’t know, New Years in Naples consists of drinks, music, and firearms. Rather than shooting fireworks into the air, these natives spend their time toting pistols and shooting wildly.

Sounds like a great idea after a bottle champagne, right?

For Darco, things didn’t turn out as planned. During the drunken-shooting-spree-countdown-to-midnight, Darco ended up on the wrong end of a blast. He was shot directly in the shnoz.

Rushing to the hospital, gushing and screaming for help, Darco arrived with a blood-splatted face.  What happened next in that of myth and legend, for an overwhelming sneeze came over Darco – and out flew the .22 caliber bullet. Everybody froze for a moment.

And then another moment. What the f&#k just happened?

Dr. Sid Berrone witnessed the incident. He says:

“He was a very lucky man, he could have been killed. The bullet went through his temple, behind his eye, entered the nasal cavity and then became lodged in his nostril before he sneezed it out. Amazing.”

Dr. Berrone and a team of nurses were able to clean up Darco’s wound and he is expected a full recovery.

Needless to say, we here at JACK FM may have to cancel our Fourth of July plans in Naples

[Source: Gizmodo]

  1. Nose-it-all says:

    Dangerous sneezes occur unpredictably. To insure against them, consult an atchoo-ary.

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