llama JACK tivity of the Week!!!
Personally I like long walks with your mom but long walks with a llama sounds pretty cool too. This is 100% for real and it’s your JACK-tivity of the week…

llama11 JACK tivity of the Week!!!

GettyImages/Diane Collins and Jordan Hollender

Look at that regal son of a bitch. I’d take a walk with this guy anywhere.

In what may be one of the more odd JACK-tivities of all time, Shangri Llama Farms in Yorba Linda hosts LLAMA WALKS every Saturday and Sunday.

That’s right. 3 mile walks with llamas along the El Cajon Trail in Yorba Linda. You bond with the llama. Talk to the llama. Even feed the llama. All the while, letting the pressures and annoyances of your daily life melt away along the trail.

Here. Meet a few of the llamas in the Shangri Llama family……

Dalai Llama (oh, i see what you did there…)
dalai llama1 JACK tivity of the Week!!!

Como T. Llamas? (brilliant)
como t llama JACK tivity of the Week!!!

Barack O’Llama
barack o llama JACK tivity of the Week!!!

Yeah, recreationally taking somebody elses llama on a walk on the El Cajon Trail might sound a bit odd, but go actually do it and tell me it wasn’t the best Saturday morning you’ve had since you were 9-years old watching cartoons on mom’s floral print couch.

Check ’em out here at the Shangri Llama Farms website and book yourself some one-on-one llama time….

  1. Pamela Perkins says:

    I heard you talking about this on the radio. My family booked a walk right away. I have always wanted to do this. Thank You for talking about it. I can’t wait to go

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