Batman Dark Knight Rises
Artwork by Jim Aparo

Yesterday, Cranfill spilt the beans on the new Batman movie villain, Catwoman (curiously played by Anne Hathaway). There’s always been controversy surrounded the role of Catwoman. Remember back in 1992 when Sean Young went on live television in full Catwoman regalia? She pleaded with the director to give her the role, which only catapulted her into the Dead Zone of Hollywood. However, it also made the role of Catwoman that much more illustrious, placing the latex whip and suit on a lustful pedestal.

With alluring prestige surrounding the catsuit, buzz of the new Batman installment has ignored the fact that there were TWO villains revealed in director Christopher Nolan’s announcement. While Catwoman would be featured in The Dark Knight Rises, one of Batman’s most formidable opponents will also be starring alongside Bruce Wayne – Tom Hardy will be playing Bane.

If you’re a Batman fan, you’ll surely remember the atrocity that was Bane in the 1992 flick Batman & Robin. A giant, pulsating, pain-hungry savage bent on smashing anything in his path; Bane was reduced to a glorified hitman, only bigger and more dumberer. Then again, you could say the whole Batman & Robin film was bigger and dumberer than anything else at that time…

So who is this Bane character, really?

According to the comics, Bane was raised in the pits of a damp jail cell, paying for the crimes that his father committed. As a child in a dungeon-like prison, Bane got his education through any means necessary.

As Bane grew, so did his reputation. Intense physical training made Bane the perfect choice as the guinea-pig for a special steroid called “venom” (a toxin that turned any man into a super-powerful, blood-thirsty vessel).

Once the king of his prison, Bane heard of another king – one that ruled over Gotham City. Cunning as he was strong, Bane broke free of the prison and hunted Batman. A formidable opponent, Bane was able to achieve something no Batman villain ever had before – he found out Batman’s secret identity.

As Batman’s most intense foil, Bane was the only villain in the entire series to cripple the caped crusader. In a classic series called Knightfall, Bane achieved the unbelievable. After crashing into Bruce Wayne’s manor, he held Batman above his head and crushed him over bended knee, breaking Batman’s spine and rendering the hero immobile, humiliated.

Christopher Nolan, the director of Dark Knight Rises, has not stated whether or not his script will follow the story of Knightfall. Nolan does a great job reimagining the Batman story – but with so many villains already running rampant, how can he interweave Catwoman, Bane, Two-Face, The Scarecrow….

Don’t worry. We believe in you Mr. Nolan – it’s only your casting choices have caused some unease. We’re sure Anne Hathaway can pull of leather and latex, but will Tom Hardy be able to pull off a powerful, masterful, psychotic prisoner?

Yeah. We think so.



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