beasties New Beastie Boys Short Film Not Short on Stars
Tres Beasties. That’s Seth Rogen, Elijah Woods and Danny McBride as Ad Rock, MCA and Mike D for the Adam Yauch short film entitled Fight For Your Right Revisited which debuts at Sundance this week. If that in and of itself wasn’t cool enough, check out all the celeb guest appearances credited in this movie…

Well I tried to take a screen shot of the page for this movie but honestly, the celeb cameo list is entirely to long to fit even into a screen shot. But how does this sound?

In addition to the aforementioned threesome, Ted Danson, Jack Black, Will Ferrell, John C Reilly, Jason Schwartzman, Steve Buscemi, Will Arnett, Alicia Silverstone, Amy Poehler, Mary Steenburgen, Orlando Bloom, Laura Dern, Kirsten Dunst, David Cross, Chloe Sevingy…phew…seriously running out of breath here…all will appear in the short film.

I mean, that is the end all be all list of celebrity cameo’s for A SHORT FILM.

JACK FM web guru Jordy (not of Levar Burton Star Trek fame), broke this story back in December, check that out here…

Here is an excerpt from the MTV News story penned by Eric Ditzian on what you can expect to see in Fight For Your Right Revisited

The short film, which runs about 20 to 25 minutes, is part music video, part improv-heavy comedy. It begins directly after the conclusion of the ’87 video, with the Beasties crawling out of the party-mad apartment in a cloud of smoke, the original tune playing in the background. They head down the stairs and immediately run into the parents of the kids whose party they crashed. Susan Sarandon and Stanley Tucci play the parents.

From there, Rogen, Wood and McBride head out onto the New York City streets — the film was apparently shot in three days on the Warner Bros. lot in Los Angeles — looking to keep the party going. They bust into a bodega, steal a couple six-packs of beer and head back out. At that point, the short transforms into a music video, with the Beasties rapping into the camera and guzzling beer as they walk.

I don’t think I am alone here when I say, OH. HELLS. YES.  Especially after hearing that the climax of this movie is when a Back to the Future moment brings our three fearless heroes face to face with themselves from the future played by Will Ferrell, John C Reilly and Jack Black…..

Anybody per chance know how much a plane ticket to Park City, Utah would run? I want to see this, I want to see it now.

Here is the video from the original song that started all this…


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