Best Joke At The Party: Bar Allegiance

Old man pledges his bar allegiance

Image credit: Jordy Altman


You meet your co-workers at your boss’ house for the big holiday party. Everybody’s cuttin’ loose and tossin’ a few back. Doesn’t take long for the giggles to start…

What happens when they all start telling jokes? Are you going to be ready? After all, that promotion isn’t going to just slip into your lap – you have to earn it by telling the Best Joke At The Party!

jokes Best Joke At The Party: Bar Allegiance

Image credit: Jordy Altman

A large, grizzled man walks into a bar and orders a beer. After chugging it, he gestures to the right side of the room and bellows, “All you guys on this side of the bar are fairy-tailed, twinkle tippers!”

The entire bar falls silent. After a moment or two, the man adds, “Anyone here got a problem with what I said?”

Startled, everyone remains quiet. Seeing no trouble, the big man orders another beer. He finishes his pint and gestures to his left of the bar, bellowing, “And all you guys on this side of the bar are swirly-eyed, pansy crackers!”

Once again, the bar falls silent. The man looks around and roars, “Anyone got a problem with that?”

A lone, old man gets up from his stool unsteadily and starts to walk toward the man.

The belligerent man looks him dead in the eye and says, “You got a problem, buddy?”

“Oh no,” the man replies. “I’m just on the wrong side of the bar.”


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