jokes family crisis Best Joke At The Party: Family Crisis

Image Credit: Jordy Altman


You meet your co-workers at your boss’ house for the big holiday party. Everybody’s cuttin’ loose and tossin’ a few back. Doesn’t take long for the giggles to start…

What happens when they all start telling jokes? Are you going to be ready? After all, that promotion isn’t going to just slip into your lap – you have to earn it by telling the Best Joke At The Party!

jokes Best Joke At The Party: Family Crisis

Image credit: Jordy Altman

A man comes home early from work, only to hear strange noises coming from his bedroom. Panicking, he rushes upstairs to check on his wife.

As he flings open the door, he comes to find his wife stranded naked on the bed, panting and sweating.

“Help me!” She screams. “I’m having a heart attack.”

The husband turns around and heads downstairs for the phone. Just as he is about to dial an ambulance, his 4-year-old son comes to his knee.

“Daddy! Daddy! Uncle Fred is hiding in your closet and he’s got no clothes on!”

Furious, the man slams the phone back on the receiver. He storms upstairs to his bedroom, past his screaming wife, and tears open the closet doors. Sure enough, his brother lay motionless on the floor, completely nude.

“You bastard,” says the husband. “My wife is having a heart attack and you’re running around naked scaring the kids!”


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