Dr. Cranfill is on the roll of all rolls right now. He HAS NOT MISSED betting against the spread in the ENTIRE NFL PLAYOFFS. 6-0. The words SUCK IT VEGAS come to mind. Can he keep his flawless record intact? Who is he taking in the Super Bowl? Points? Spreads? Coin Flip? Let’s find out…

Let’s review, (AKA- let me brag), about the 6-0 record I have betting against the spread in the NFL Playoff’s thus far.

6-0. 100 bucks “invested” with me in the beginning could have returned, oh…..I don’t know…around $8-9,000 by now. Just saysing. So….what about this Super Bowl Matchup?

Green Bay Packers (-2½) vs Pittsburgh Steelers (44½)The Packers are a two and a half point favorite and the line, meaning total number of points scored in the game combined, is 44 and a half.

So what to do? Pittsburgh? Green Bay? Over? Under? Rodgers or Roethlisberger? Cheese or Steel?

Here’s what say I. Steel would beat Cheese in a head to head, rock paper scissors style match up, especially against a soft cheese like say a Camembert or a Brie de Nangis but lemme ask you something….does this guy look like a Camembert to you?

canon 10 wk 17 02 Dr. Cranfills NFL SUPER BOWL INVESTMENT STRATEGIES

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Hell no. That’s a hard cheese, an Asiago if you will. Meet Packers linebacker, Clay Matthews, formerly known as Thor, hammer wielding God of Thunder and Clay is about to hammer out some Steelers come Sunday.

It’s a shame they couldn’t get Clay to play himself in the upcoming THOR movie from Marvel….check out the trailer…

The Steelers have been there done that and yes, Troy Polamalu is the NFL Defensive Player of the Year but neither Troy, nor anyone else on the Steelers roster, is the Norse God of Thunder.

And because I know better than to question the son of Odin  I am taking the Packers to win, the Packers to cover, and OVER on the LINE.

I am also taking TAILS on the pre-game coin flip, and if you really want to get into exotic betting, I say a defense or special teams play puts the first points on the board.


So there it is. My final pick of the year. Can I finish with a flawless record or am I going to ruin your whole weekend? We shall see.

People, enjoy this Super Bowl weekend. No drinking and driving. No punching the wife. No double dipping the chip unless you’re at your own house. Respect.

Problem gambling dial 1-800-GAMBLER.

Comments (2)
  1. Daniel De La Cruz says:

    Pit. 24 GB 23

  2. vaderbot says:

    Well done Dr.C 🙂

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