Christina Aguilera National Anthem Flub?

aguilerakevinmazur Christina Aguilera National Anthem Flub?

Getty Images/Kevin Mazur

What so proudly we facepalmed. Christina Aguilera flubbed a line during her  Star Spangled Banner performance yesterday at the Super Bowl. Watch it again here…

Poor Christina Aguilera. Her last album went double aluminum. Her latest movie Burlesque was a domestic dud. Her marriage is officially over AND everybody forgot she ALSO made out with Madonna at the 2003 MTV VMA awards. But all anyone remembers is the Britney/Maddona lip lockage.  Something tells me people won’t forget this anytime soon…

(sorry for the sound quality. the internets is a tricky place)

If you missed the flub. I did too first time through. I don’t know if that makes us sh!tty Americans or not but uh….

She replaced the original line of, “o’er the ramparts we watched” with “what so proudly we watched.”

If you read the comments on the actual You Tube page that this video is housed on, or anywhere where Aguilera’s mistake is being discussed on the internet, you’re going to find a lot of misguided and unnecessary vitriol.

Sure we could crucify her mercilessly on the internet while dubiously questioning her patriotism OR we can simply understand that singing in front of 110,000 people, 151 million world-wide, is a ridiculously high pressure situation and even someone who appears to be as big of a bitch as Christina Aguilera is may be due some latitude or at the very least some human compassion.

Although, if Justin Beiber were to make a National Anthem mistake like this I would be the loudest voice urging for his immediate castration and exile to Liberia.

I dunno. Maybe I’m just getting soft in my old age but I think we should let her live.


One Comment

  1. john savage says:

    It was worse than that, she not only misquoted the line, she repeated it and left out another!

  2. Sheerie Knoll says:

    Bull Crap!! I’m tired of “professional” (in this case I use the term lightly) singers not knowing the National Anthem and blowing it. She has sang in front of thousands before – the “It’s the Super Bowl, World Series, Olympics” excuse is getting damned old!!!

    1. Margo says:

      I agree !!!!!!!!!

  3. Diane says:

    But it wasn’t like she just got the lyric sheet on the song the other day…its a song we ALL learn when we’re kids! Its a song she should know as well as she knows her original hair color. Oh wait…

    But yeah. Let her live. Its not like she’s ever had to perform in front of a really large audience before. Oh wait…

  4. Margo says:

    I know pressure is on,when I sing the Anthem in front of 500,whats more,I was born in Germany and so are most in the audience.

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