Best Joke At The Party: Newlywed Photos

honeymoon suite

Image Credit: Jordy Altman


You meet your co-workers at your boss’ house for the big holiday party. Everybody’s cuttin’ loose and tossin’ a few back. Doesn’t take long for the giggles to start…

What happens when they all start telling jokes? Are you going to be ready? After all, that promotion isn’t going to just slip into your lap – you have to earn it by telling the Best Joke At The Party!

jokes Best Joke At The Party: Newlywed Photos

Image credit: Jordy Altman

On their first night together as man and wife, a newlywed couple enjoys the night together in their Honeymoon Suite. They have been waiting over five years for this magical night together.

As the moon begins to rise, the wife excuses herself and makes her way to the bathroom. When she returns, she is dressed in a beautiful, flowing gown. The husband, overtaking with lust, leaps from the bed and begins to kiss his wife.

“My dear, we are married now. You can finally open your robe around me.”

Slowly, the beautiful woman opens her robe and lets it sink to the ground. The husband responds with a gasp.

“My wife! You are beautiful, astonishing, a goddess! Please let me take a picture of you.”

“A picture? Why?”

“So I can carry your beauty next to my heart forever and a day.”

Blushing, the wife lets her husband snap some photos. After the session has finished, the man goes to bathroom to change. Soon, he returns from the bathroom in a similar robe.

“Honey! Why are you wearing a robe? Remember, we are married now.”

Without much more convincing, the husband removes his robe in a dramatic fashion.

“Oh, MY! Give me your camera right now! I need to take a picture!”

With a large grin, the husband replies, “A picture? Why?”

“So I can get it enlarged!”


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  1. l k m says:

    thats cute

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